Sunday, May 31, 2015

Compliance remains the central goal - Dangerously Irrelevant

Dangerously Irrelevant
Alfie Kohn said: Whether or not it’s stated explicitly, compliance remains the central goal of most classroom management programs, character education initiatives, and parenting resources. Sure, we stress the virtues of independent thinking and assertiveness, but mostly in the context of getting kids to resist peer pressure. If a child has the temerity to resist [...]



  1. Both Alfie and the principal missed an opportunity to include the students in critical problem solving. What should the community do about graffiti?

  2. :) Yes, Dan, agreed! Although I think Alfie's point was to think about the mindset of students when faced with a unilateral decision. I think, candidly, his desire to create reflective rebels faces an inherent limitation--the very requirement to attend compulsory school might crumble if you truly supported reflective rebellion, making it hard to imagine how it would be taught or supported except in "limited" form.