Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Art of Self-Directed Learning — John Holt GWS

The Art of Self-Directed Learning — John Holt GWS:

Boles decides to use the term self-directed learning instead of unschooling. He sees it as a “positive term that symbolizes freedom, choice, and embracing learning wherever you may find it.” This book presents his personal story, research and case studies of other self-directed learners, and positive tips to increase our abilities to teach ourselves. I think the book is quite valuable to adults, in particular. The big question about self-directed learning that many unschooling parents and teachers struggle with is, “What is my role if children learn on their own?” This book provides you with many great stories, tips, and examples of what self-directed learning is and isn’t, and why consensual learning is vital and works for all sorts of situations and ages.

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