Monday, April 13, 2015

Steve Hargadon's "We Have to Stop Pretending"

Steve Hargadon:

  • That it's OK for the majority of students to leave high school believing they are not good learners;
  • That it is OK to believe anything less than in the inherent worth and value of every child; 
  • That schooling as it now exists is about increasing individual learning capability and not actually about enforcing compliance and conformance; 
  • That politicians, the elite, and business-people should have more influence over education than local parents, teachers, and the students themselves; 
  • That students are not capable of directing their own learning, and that this isn't the ultimate goal of education.

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  1. Well said, and very heartfelt. It would make a great t-shirt and mission statement for every school district in the country. How would public education be different if these were its goals?